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UVS Investment Management is diversified Investment company which invests in all the sectors both Listed & Non Listed globally.

Utkarsh Vartak is the founder of UVS & the co-founder of Rosa Mexicano group which falls under the Umbrella of UVS Investment Management pty ltd,Utkarsh founded UVS & Rosa Mexicano in 2019 and is responsible for the group’s Finance and Operations. He has been highly involved in the continued transformation of the group,seeking and developing new avenues for growth in addition to formulating and executing core strategies for the group.His goal is to give UVS & Rosa Mexicano a global footprint.

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For more than four years, UVS Investment Company has consistently enriched businesses across multiple business cycles, steadily adding substantial value. We possess a deep understanding of both the opportunities and challenges that come with scaling fast-growing companies.

Empowering Business Adventures

UVS shall focus on investments in Early stage, Pre-Series A Start-ups with GLOCAL ambitions. We are a Category I AIF-VCF-Angel Fund with a target corpus of ₹ 100 crore (~USD 14 million) and a green shoe option of up to ₹ 50 crore (~USD 6 million). The Fund aims to invest ₹ 3-5 crores in each Start-up.

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