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Industry estimates suggest that only 6 out of 1000 business plans receive funding, presenting seemingly formidable odds. However, at UVS Invest, we perceive these challenges as surmountable rather than insurmountable. We firmly believe in investing our resources exclusively in ideas that resonate with our convictions. Our commitment extends far beyond the realms of curation and fundraising. Leveraging the extensive expertise and global network at our disposal, we foster a supportive and collaborative environment for our thriving start-up community.

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Welcome to UVS Investment, our exclusive platform dedicated to very early-stage startups in the pre-revenue phase or those with a working prototype. Our unique model combines equity allocation to the core team, granting strategic inputs and mentoring from our experienced professionals for a period of one year. Additionally, we charge a success fee, assisting startups in raising multiple funding rounds and ensuring their success in the competitive market. With UVS Investment, we are committed to nurturing your entrepreneurial journey and fostering sustainable growth. Embrace our comprehensive support and take your startup to new heights of success.

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Four-level Curation

Rigorous curation process filters 600+ fundraising requests to handpick 8-10 exceptional start-ups monthly


Mandate Launch

600+ fundraising requests are filtered through a rigorous curation process to yield 8–10 extraordinary start-ups each month.


Connect Investors To Founders

Conversations started by a system between potential investors, the mandate lead, and the founders


Due-diligence & Compliance

Upon reaching the final fundraising amount, legal and financial due diligence are completed


Fund Transfer Issuing Shares

Transfer of funds to the operational account for subscriptions to shares and the distribution of share certificates to all investors


Follow-up Mails & Updates

Follow-up emails sent automatically to all investee company founders asking them to notify all investors on a quarterly basis


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High Tables is a platform for fundraising used by vetted, established entrepreneurs seeking to finance $1 to $10 million. With a minimum commitment of INR 50 Lacs (about USD 75,000) per investor, it is exclusively available to institutional investors, family offices, angel/VC funds, and ultra-high net worth individuals. On our platform, we currently have a pool of more than a thousand investors.

  • Shortlisting by Senior

    The investment deck and financial model are exclusively shared with a shortlisting team composed solely of senior partners.


  • Business Plan & Financial Model Discussion

    Engage in comprehensive discussions on business plans and financial models.


  • Two Funding Formats

    Customize your investment journey with options tailored to your unique needs and growth aspirations


  • Due-diligence & Compliance

    Thorough due diligence and rigorous compliance measures for a secure investment environment.


  • Fund Transfer, Issuing Shares

    Effortless fund transfers and seamless share issuance for streamlined financial operations.


  • Follow-up Mails & Updates

    Timely follow-up mails and updates to keep you informed and engaged throughout the process.


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